Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rode with Floyd Landis

Today Cahaba Cycles & Homewood Cycles had a Saturday morning ride with Floyd Landis. It was a 25+ mile loop that took us from Homewood, out to Derby Parkway, and then back through Mountain Brook. I have to say this was probably the fastest ride group I've ever ridden with.

Initially the ride started fairly slow and leisurely. Mainly because we were all packed up into one big group. But by the time we got to Ruffner Road the packs started forming and different paces were being created. At times the pack I was riding with was easily averaging 20-25 mph at times. I'm used the 15-20 mph. Needless to say there were sections were the hurt was being put on me. But while I may have dropped back a times I was able to keep them in sight and when traffic lights allowed I was able to get back with them and keep up on the final leg.

I didn't actually get to ride with Floyd, I saw him at the beginning and I was behind him. Then I dropped my camera and had to loop back to it and let the other riders by while I put it back together. At that point I was at the back of the pack and never really saw Floyd for sure until the Homewood Cycles parking lot. At which point Floyd was inside the store posing for pictures and chatting.

Based on what I saw and how he interacted with everyone, Floyd seemed like an appreciative and friendly guy. When I did get to meet him and shake his hand he was appreciative of my comments and well wishes!

Good luck in the Tour de France in 2009, I'll be pulling for ya!

Today's ride covered 27.83 miles and lasted 1:50:31. I had an average speed of 15.1 mph and my pace was 3:58. My max speed was 36.7 mph and I burned 2,652 calories!

Here is the ride on

Now, how about a few pictures.

Some of my favorite pictures!!!


MTBROWN said...

Awesome job man. Great photos.

Neal said...

Wow! Awesome dude! You are doing a great job of riding...i must say! Seems like you had a great time and great pics man!